Author name: DoctorG15


Quite some time ago (1990) I taught a somewhat extended series of sessions on what I called The Parables of John. Now most Bible readers know that one distinctive of John’s Gospel is that he does not have any of the parables as seen in the three synoptic gospels. This title was a “hook” to promote interest in the series. See below for the explanation.

The WAKE Amp

In late 2021, Snap One introduced their new Episode WAKE in-wall amplifier wall module. This device is designed to be mounted in a deep single-gang wall switch socket. It can also be mounded in an open-back low-voltage wall box, since its 15-volt power supply is located remotely. The device incorporates Bluetooth technology along with AI-based WiFi smart technology and Class D amplifier topology to provide a device that supplies 25 watts/channel of power to a pair 4-ohm speakers.

My Digital Mixer

Some time ago, I needed an interface for making multi-channel audio recordings. Cost was a major factor, and I needed at least 16 microphone channels. After researching many options, I decided to get a Behringer X18 digital mixer. At the time this was the most cost-effective digital mixer available.