Our town is little, but it it sits on a gold mine,

and it has a lot to offer!

McCormick, SC (County Website)

Our town has an interesting history. It was named after the inventor Cyrus McCormick, but he never lived here! The population was 9,764 at the 2022 census. See more at Wikipedia.

I like to tell people that we live in a metropolis - all of the stoplights in our entire county are in our town - all two of them!

One thing that we are proud of is the MACK - the McCormick Arts Council at the Keturah. Their purpose is to stimulate and encourage participation in cultural activities of all types and draws lots of visitors. We also have a very nice library and an active Chamber of Commerce.


Savannah Lakes Village

A great place to retire!

SLV is a pleasant retirement community built beside the Savannah River. People come here from many parts of the USA, from California to New York, from Wisconsin to Florida, mostly looking for a quiet, restful place to enjoy their retirement, where there is plenty to keep them busy and healthy. It is notable that Savannah Lakes Village was named as a 2022 Top Community on PrivateCommunities.com

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Area Golf Courses

There are four 18-hole golf courses located within

a 10-mile radius of our town.

The Savannah River

The Savannah River forms the western border of McCormick County. At this point, the river is actually a beautiful lake formed by the Strom Thurmond dam, located in Clark's Hill, about 15 miles south of us. The lake encompasses 1200 miles of shoreline, 70,000 acres of water, and 80,000 acres of land. Fishing on the lake is top-rated.

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Abbeville, 20 miles north of us along State Route 28, is an old antebellum town that was the headquarters of John Calhoun during Civil War times. A current popular attraction is the Abbeville opera House, which hosts entertainers of all types. and where plays are performed by local thespians. Over a dozen shows are scheduled each year.


Known as the Emerald City, Greenwood is 24 miles northeast of us and is truly the municipal gemstone of western South Carolina.. This is a progressive town of about 23,000 people and the home of Lander University. This is where we do most of our shopping and receive most of our medical care. We are particularly proud of The Self Regional Healthcare facilities in our area.

Greenwood SC


Augusta, Georgia is a 40-minute drive south. Augusta is famous for being the home of the Masters Golf Tournament, but it is also the home of Fort Gordon, where the Army Signal Corps and Cyber Center now has its headquarters, The city is the home of Augusta University and the Augusta University Health Center.

Augusta GA Skyline

Plum Branch Yacht Club

The Plumb Branch Yacht Club has become a mecca for campers and boating enthusiasts in this area. Plum Branch Yacht Club, Inc was established on March 2, 1996 by George Selfridge and Bea McClain, formerly of Atlanta, who were selected by the Corps of Engineers to operate the business in Plumb Branch SC. There are permanent summer homes, RV camping sites along the shore, a marina, and Lakeside Grill. a renowned seafood restaurant. See their Facebook Page.

Soap Creek Marina and Resort

The Soap Creek Marina and Resort officially reopened on Sept. 12, 2020. Located outside of Lincolnton GA on a branch of Lake Thurmond, the facility has existed since 1954. The latest project includes the restoration of the marina, resort, restaurant and nearby factory for boat manufacturing and distribution by Michigan-based company Apex Marine. The restaurant is noted for fresh seafood but serves a variety of cuisine. Soap Creek Marina offers several completely furnished rental cabins as well as camping sites.

Local State Parks

There are a number of State Parks and camping areas near us. Elijah Clark State Park is just across the river in Georgia, but in South Carolina, the following parks are within a 50-mile radius:

View from the pavilion at Baker Creek State Park

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