My DIY Home Theater

Design of the Speakers

Each of the main speakers consists of two separate 3-way speaker systems in a single enclosure. Each system consists of a 10-inch woofer, a 5-inch midrange, a 1-inch tweeter, and a 3-way crossover with level controls for midrange and tweeter. The midrange speakers and the tweeters are installed in separate enclosures inside the larger box, which is tuned to 40-Hz by two 4-inch tubes. The woofers have a free-air resonance of 40 Hz. The two speaker systems in each box are driven by separate amps rated at 100-watts RMS each. Another special feature of these speakers is that the speakers are right/left pairs - one of the midrange and tweeter elements in each enclosure is angled so that it radiates directly toward the seating position on the opposite side of the room. This provides a better sonic image for the listeners. The main speakers are mounted about 20 inches off the floor, the woofers at the top, as shown here, so that the midrange and tweeter drivers are close to the ear level of the listeners. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well these speakers sound.

The center channel is an MTM design made by Pure Acoustics, their Supernova 5 model. The drivers are 5.25-inch woofers crossed over at 3800 Hz to a 1-inch silk dome tweeter with oil cooling. The systems is rated at 150 watts RMS and is driven by a 100-watt RMS amp. It sits on a stand, grill cloth removed, behind a knit cloth grill, stretched over the door opening into the closet, and radiates through the acoustically "transparent" theater screen.

The Rear Speakers

The rear speakers are Sound Advance 2ft x 2ft panels mounted in the suspended ceiling brackets. Each panel is rated at 40 watts and the frequency response is spec'd at 60 Hz - 15kHz (-4db).Each panel is driven by a 100-watt RMS amplifier. These work amazingly well with the rest of the system. The picture shows the driver side of the panel. The front is smooth and blends well with the tiles.

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