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The DLZ Creator XS Compact Adaptative Digital Mixer for Podcasting and Streaming enables you to get the results you want—faster than ever.

Not to be outdone by the Presonus Revelator, this new mixer features the same DSP processing power and features of the larger Mackie DLZ Creator model, now in a compact design that doesn‘t sacrifice on capability. Mfg Listed price is $500.

There are three versatile modes:


A no-fuss user interface that offers the fastest path to recording your first podcast.

For those who want to get great results without menu-diving.


Expanded control over your sound and mix.

For those who want some customization without an overwhelming number of options.


Total control and fully customizable.

For those who know what they want, and how to get it.

A personal audio assistant guides you through setup and sound check, so with a few button presses you can be recording. An auto mix function manages levels for up to four mics so everyone can be heard—even when they speak at the same time. With a Bluetooth®-connected smartphone you can add a caller into the mix with no audible echo when they speak.

The unit features Onyx80 mic preamps with up to 80dB gain. You can connect up to 2 microphones and 3 external devices—including a smartphone—using analog, Bluetooth, or USB. Use it to record or stream multitrack audio to a computer via USB-C or an NDI connection, or straight to SD card for a truly self-contained setup.

The unit has a 7” high-resolution full-color touch display with anti-glare coating. There are

4 dynamically color-coded rotary encoders. 5 potentiometers with dynamic LED level indication, backlit mute, solo, and nav buttons, and 2 independent headphone outputs.

6 color-coded sample pads let you playback saved audio samples.

Mackie DLZ LCD

Professional audio processing includes 3-band parametric EQ, Noise gate, De-Esser, Compressor, Atomizer Reverb, Chronotronic Delay. All of these capabilities make for a very competent and versatile mixer for podcasts or fairly simple recording, such as Karaoke.

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