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Two Witnesses

The identity of The Two Witnesses of Revelation Chapter 11 has been discussed by Bible scholars for centuries. This topic has been a particular interest of mine, so I finally have written a somewhat detailed analysis of my own on the subject.

The Keeper of the Stars

Wedding Song

Some friends heard a song on the radio that expressed their feelings perfectly and asked me to sing it at their wedding. I gladly agreed, even though I had never heard the song before.

Behringer Wing

Behringer Wing

In November 2019 Behringer introduced its latest digital mixer – the Wing. The mixer can support up to 144 channels using 3 AES connectors, and it can support up to 374 inputs and outputs using various digital protocols.

Klang Technologies

One of the most amazing advances in sound reproduction was introduced in 2018 by Klang Technologies, now part of DiGiCo, a well-known player in the audio industry. This brings true 3D listening to in-ear monitors and headphones.

The Problem of Literalism

the tendency toward literalism that seems characteristic of what is termed “Western theology” is often incongruent with the nature of Scripture itself. This becomes a serious impediment for understanding many Old Testament Scriptures and New Testament books such as The Revelation of John, and it also becomes problematic in many New Testament passages.

Christ Made Sin

Many scholars interpret 2 Corinthians 5:21 quite literally and conclude that Christ literally became sin when He was crucified. Unfortunately, this is a serious mistake, in my opinion. Let me explain why. In this verse, Paul uses antithetical parallelism to contrast our sin and His righteousness.
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