A Smart Active Monitor

Genelec 1235A

In April 2020, Genelec introduced the 1235A Active Monitor for use in large studios. The speaker has a frequency response of 29 to 26 kHz within 6 dB and a rated SPL of 130 dB. Drivers consist of two 15-inch woofers, two 5-inch mids, and a 1-inch compression driver for highs. Each speaker is driven by a separate Class D amplifier, 2x1000 watts for the lows, 2x400 watts for the mids, and 250 watts for the treble. The speaker weighs over 360 pounds!

These amps are in a separate chassis, along with Smart Technology DSP electronics that process signals at 96 kHz and can be controlled by GLM software for calibrating the speaker and adapting it to the room environment for accurate reproduction.

Genelec makes a smaller version that uses a similar complement of drivers, the 1238A. It uses a single 15-inch woofer and a single 5-inch midrange along with the 1-inch compression driver. It uses three amps rated at 500, 250, and 200 watts. The treble amp is a Class AB design, which some feel gives better reproduction for highs than a Class D amp. This speaker costs over $5000.

I personally don't use Genelec speakers because I feel they are very much over-priced. The 1235A costs over $12,000, and those who can afford them would probably say they are worth it. Perhaps the adage is true - you get what you pay for. If your livelihood depends on creating high-quality sound recordings, you probably want the best you can get, and Genelec probably won't disappoint.

By DoctorG15 on May 20, 2020

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