My DIY Home Theater

Electronic Components

Brief information about the electronic components of this home theater system.

  • Denon AVR2312CI 7.2 Channel Receiver
  • Sony 300-disc CD/DVD changer
  • Sony Google TV BD player
  • DISH Hopper Satellite Receiver
  • Behringer EX1200 Ultrabass Pro Subharmonic Synthesizer
  • Pyle pro PTA 1000 Power Amplifier
  • Dayton SA100 100-watt Plate Subwoofer Amplifier
  • Dayton Audio BST-1 High Power Pro Tactile Bass Shaker - 50 Watts
  • Elite Screens 100-inch 16/9 Acoustically Transparent motorized projection screen

Clearly, these components are not top-of-the-line audiophile-grade components. Although they were carefully selected with an eye toward quality performance, cost was a major factor in this project. A good example is the receiver I selected. At the time, Denon was upgrading their lines to 4K video capability, but since I did not plan to go there any time soon, I elected to get the 2312CI because of its significantly lower cost. With seven 105-watt amplifiers, it had all the power I needed to drive my system, which operates in a 5.2.1 mode. The two main speakers each use two amplifiers. Similarly, the Behringer Subharmonic Synthesizer was significantly less expensive than the only other similar device at the time made by DBX, which was significantly less versatile. The Sony Google TV Blu Ray player was available at the time at a very low cost. I realized its limitations, but as a Blu Ray and media player, it works great. I probably wouldn’t take a Pyle power amp to a pro PA engagement, but in this simple home theater, it works great as my sub driver. As of this writing, all of these components have been operating without any problems for over 15 years. The only component I have upgraded is the projector. The original Viewsonic 720P device has been upgraded to an Optoma GT1080P Darbee short-throw projector.

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